The Best Investment Solution for Hospitals

Hospitals as the frontline in serving and maintaining public health face increasingly severe challenges in these days. Population growth, growing types of diseases, limited budgets up to the limitations of equipment and facilities owned, are just a few problems from the overall problem of health services that must be charged to a hospital. For this reason we are here. We are here to help hospitals deal with expensive equipment investments with the right solutions. So that the hospital can concentrate on other things that are more important.

Being a company focused on the field of medical devices in Indonesia that is competent and consistently active in helping to nourish the Indonesian people.

What We Do

Medical equipment rental

Serve and help provide medical devices in particular, as well as OPERATING EQUIPMENT RENTAL Jobs, UROFLOWMETRI, and KSO ESWL

Laundry for Hospital

Providing laundry services for hospitals by developing a business that is professional with the mission to always try to do the best to maintain results and service

Focus on the field of providing medical devices in Indonesia that are committed and consistently participate actively in providing the best solutions for hospitals that aim to nourish the Indonesian people
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