Medical equipment rental

Since 2017 we have started this business with one goal, providing solutions for hospitals to facilitate the procurement of medical devices that are often a burden on hospital finances. We are present with a leasing scheme whose payment can be agreed upon in order to avoid burdening hospital finances. Some of the tools we can provide include endourology, uroflometry, ESWL and BMHP. Many hospitals have benefited from this collaboration and our customers continue to grow from year to year


We provide HD in telescope and high quality endourology instruments

Maxer offers complete range of lower track and upper track urology instrumentation. The most important highlights of Maxer urology range are the third generation HD cystoscopes for enhanced clarity, depth of focus and high resolution and brightness all over the image.

Our Bimax 350 unit is suitable for bipolar saline resection and can also do bipolar electrothermal vessel sealing.

The cystoscope offers a high definition and high magnification image with optimum contrast. The sapphire cover glass on the tip is active soldered to provide excellent scratch resistance and sealing.

        1. The hospital does not need to prepare a budget for purchasing equipment that requires hospital finance so that it can affect the hospital cash flow
        2. Our company has guaranteed all equipment damage during the cooperation period, so that the hospital does not need to prepare an additional budget for maintenance costs
        3. We also have prepared reliable and competent nurses in their fields to support the smooth operation of the operation
        4. The rental prices that we offer are very competitive so that they can provide benefits for the hospital


    Is our working culture

    Focus on the field of providing medical devices in Indonesia that are committed and consistently participate actively in providing the best solutions for hospitals that aim to nourish the Indonesian people
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