Laundry for Hospital

Linen Pro is a linen laundry service that also provides Linen Rental Services for Hospital partners. By using Linen Pro services, Hospital partners will ensure their linen needs in quality and quantity in accordance with national and international accreditation standards so that the Hospital can focus on its core business of health services.

APBA Laundry is committed to providing continuity and consistent services so that all aspects related to customer service will be our priority.


PT. Abadi Perkasa Bersama Alkesindo (APBA) provides laundry services for hospitals in Jakarta. Our vision is to be the leading market leader by developing a professional business with the mission to always try to do the best to maintain customer satisfaction and customer service.

In this type of service, we will wash the linen you have with the process and standardization according to the SOP.

Every linen washing process at APBA Laundry will be through strict supervision in order to maintain our commitment in maintaining the quality and quality of the washing results.

The washing process of hospital linen is different from other washing processes. We carry out the entire washing process using standards that apply according to national and international standards that refer to the SNARS and Healthcare Linen Accreditation Council (HLAC).

        1. Planning linen needs and washing materials for patient servants and clerks’ clothes according to their duties and functions
        2. Reporting activities and stock taking
        3. Repair of damaged linen
        4. Lost and damage control of linen
        5. Assistance and support for national and international accreditation


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